Extrema Belgium 2012
Recorded1 Hour 42 Minutes 2 Seconds

X-Press 2

X-Press 2 make music for the dance floor. Pure and simple. So many nights and days and 25 years of being in and DJing at amazing clubs and parties are what inspires us to keep doing what we do. It was the dance floor that told us to be DJs in the first place and the dance floor that inspired the early tracks that we made. We loved that whole going out and hearing all sorts of music in one night thing. DJs like Alfredo and Larry Levan were champions of this style of DJing and it was thanks to people like them that we were able to do what we've done over the years. The old guard are still an inspiration for our music, both as DJs and producers but we are constantly checking for new names who always come along and give things a slightly different slant on what's gone before. I think it's a combination of the old and the new that truly underpins our music nowadays. we can listen to and old jazz album from the 60s next to a hot new track from someone like Feygin and feel totally blown away.


Extrema Belgium 2012
1 Hour 42 Minutes
Skint presents
1 Hour 24 Minutes