BE-AT.TV Presents The Clap Your Hands Open Air
Recorded2 Hours 8 Minutes 50 Seconds
IPSE · 05 May 2016
Berlin, Germany

Ian Pooley

Ian Pooley is a master of deceleration. Once asked in an interview about his plans for the future he opted for being a fisherman on a Croatian island. What shines through is his ability to keep his cool. "I'm not interested in bragging about producing four tracks in two days", he explains. "Of course it's technically possible but not satisfying for me." As passionate producer and musician, he prefers to take his time for skillful arrangements. Much time, in truth. His album 'Souvenirs', Pooley's latest comment on electronic music and follow up to his album 'Since Then' which sold 100.000 units, was released in summer 2004. And four years are an eternity within our fast living time. "I love to create complex sounds and songs" he elaborates. "And I've found out that a great track takes its time." But as much requested international top DJ, he also finds himself at the centre of a hectic club scene, pushed between the clubs of Milano, Kiev and Miami. Still he knows how to adapt and profit