Rob Lloyd

Lloyd was born to make music. Growing up, he was influenced by every type of music imaginable. In 2005, he began mixing at after hours clubs in Detroit and realized music was his true passion. He continued to mix, however started to produce music, while pursuing a degree in sound engineering and music production, all while experimenting with a vast variety of tracks. His bass heavy beats include booty tech, techno, tech house, deep house, ghetto tech and hip-hop hybrid tracks. In addition to his own solo releases, Rob Lloyd has worked with numerous Detroit area producers to create iconic beats. Throughout his life, Rob Lloyd has used music to help overcome personal tragedies, and in doing so, has created some truly unforgettable sounds. His most recent release dropped May 22 just in time for the Movement Festival on D Records Movement compilation 2012 with the 808 bass slammer, "The Gorilla".