Florian Meindl - Time Illusion [Flash Recordings]
Recorded1 Hour 2 Minutes 8 Seconds
First Spins · 06 Apr 2017
Berlin, Germany

Florian Meindl

There are not many young people in electronic music that have had such a huge success as quickly as Florian Meindl. By the age of 21, he had already released tracks on Stil vor Talent, Resopal, Trapez, Session Deluxe and Kling Klong and started his own label Flash Recordings together with Oliver Koletzki. But let’s rewind a little. In 2005 Florian moved to Berlin for the summer. Inspired by the relentless party scene, he produced tracks for Resopal, Trapez and Session Deluxe, defining his signature sound that can be placed between the poles of tough minimal techno and more melodic electro. His workaholic-attitude resulted in many releases for the above labels, also getting him an interview in the style-defining German electronic music magazine De:Bug. He started to play all around Europe; his tight and innovative DJ sets have made him a popular choice for bookers and promoters looking for a high-quality act. However, Florian is not easily satisfied. The urge to constantly wanting to sh