By BE-AT.TV Staff
Features · 24 June 2017

The Essential: Nicole Moudaber

Ahead of Nicole Moudaber’s return to London to headline fabric this Saturday, we thought it only fitting to take a look back on some of her finest production moments over the years.
Whilst Nicole is often referenced as a Nigerian-Lebanese artist, it is London that she feels best represents her home - she started out as a well known promoter at the famous Turnmills, whilst fine tuning her production skills at the Shoreditch-based Point Blank school. She’s certainly come a long way since those early days and these record selections represent the development of her sound over the past few years.
As the touring schedule gets increasingly hectic and Nicole attracts ever-growing crowds (her fanbase are a famously dedicated tribe), the producer has become the go-to for techno befitting huge stadiums; once again Nicole finds herself curating her own line-ups, but this time it’s at super-festivals EDC New York and Las Vegas rather than in the dingy basements of London. 
Despite having amassed a huge popularity in the States, Nicole has not once compromised on her driving and no-nonsense approach to techno, representing a breath of fresh air in the mass-appeal festival circuit. It’s this which means she’s never lost her underground credentials in Europe - and now she returns to the city where it all began to headline one of the most discerning clubs in the UK. Let our selections of Nicole’s highlight productions from over the years get you “in the Mood”!


Nicole Moudaber & Smoking Jo - Home Sweet Home (Yellow Fin, 2010)

In the early days of her production career, Nicole teamed up with one of the first female trailblazers of electronic music - and still the only female to have ever topped the DJ Mag charts - with this grooving, sexy number on Cologne-based imprint Yellow Fin.


Nicole Moudaber – ‘Break It’ (Kling Klong, 2011)

The eponymous A-side from Nicole’s first ever Resident Advisor-reviewed offering marked her arrival as a player in the production side of things - 
“Few have made the transition from dance music's less visible roles… it's Moudaber's deliriously funk-filled "Break It" that will be your go-to track”



Nicole Moudaber ft. Hosie - In the Mood (Mood Records, 2013)

This EP was a landmark moment for Nicole, as it was the first ever release on her newly founded Mood Records. The A-Side was an undeniably playful cut, featuring a vocal that RA evaluated as “part Tenaglia, part ghetto tech”. It’s now formed the jingle of her breakaway success In the Mood Radio show. 


Nicole Moudaber & Adam Beyer - ‘Take Hold’ (Drumcode) (2013)

Nicole released her debut album on Drumcode, ‘Believe’, in 2013. ‘Take Hold’, a collaboration with the label boss himself, became on of the most popular tracks off the LP thanks to its twisted take on techno. 


Nicole Moudaber & Carl Cox - ‘See You Next Tuesday’ (Mood Records, 2014)

Long time friend and mentor Carl Cox teamed up with Nicole for this incendiary release on her own Mood Records. Much like the pair themselves, it’s no nonsense yet high energy, with a dramatic, dubbed-out series of buzz saw bass sounds in the breakdown. It proved so popular it’s now looking set for a re release this year. 


Nicole Moudaber - ‘Her Dub Material’ (Mood Records, 2015)

As suggested by the title, this EP showcased Nicole’s more subtle, groovy side and featured remixes by Guti, Marino Canal and Alex Tepper.


Nicole Moudaber & Skin - ‘Someone Like You’ (Mood Records, 2015)

Nicole’s collaboration with Skin of Skunk Anansie for the ‘Breed’ EP was a landmark moment for both artists, who stepped out of their respective comfort zones with this fusion of rock vocals and Nicole’s techno-based production approach. One of the most dancefloor-friendly tracks out of the EP, the 11 minute ‘Someone like You’ was championed by the likes of Carl Cox and Adam Beyer across Ibiza that summer and was even submitted to the Grammys for consideration.


Nicole Moudaber - ‘Old Soul Young But Not New’ (Intec, 2016)

The almost regal-sounding cascades of synths in the breakdown of this reflectively-titled track characterised many a highlight moment of Nicole’s sets throughout 2016, whilst the surreal echoey samples of airport announcements and beeps feel like an insight into the soundtrack of Nicole’s heavy touring schedule. 



Nicole Moudaber - ‘Empty Space’ (Intec, 2017)

The distinctive melody in Nicole’s latest release has been heard echoing round many a festival stage and warehouse over the past few months. The thunderous rolling drums and crashing hi-hats represent Nicole at her most relentless - as ever a perfect match for friend Carl Cox’s Intec label. 

Catch Nicole this Saturday at fabric London, where she will play alongside Marcel Fengler and DJ Deep. For more info, head to the event Facebook page.

Watch Nicole go b2b with Pete Tong at IMS Dalt Vila in Ibiza this year