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Features · 04 July 2016

Jeroen Search: 10 Tracks That Inspired Figure SPC Z

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Jeroen Search
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One of the most influential forces in the underground techno scene, Dutchman Jeroen Search has been consistently producing powerful tracks since the mid 90’s. Releasing EP’s on an impressively varied mix of different labels, from fringe to more familiar imprints such as Axis: Mission 6277, M_Rec, Coincidence, Orbis, Motoguzzi and Decoy to his own label, Search, and Len Faki’s Figure SPC, Search’s approach to his craft oozes with artistic integrity and an unshakable belief in what he does.

Distinctive for recording all of his tracks in a single take, with all editing performed live, Search is one of the great pioneers of musical authenticity and creative risk-taking, unafraid to embrace imperfection in a move away from the over-produced, squeaky clean productions which inevitably flood the mainstream. Next on his musical agenda is the final instalment of Len Faki’s Figure SPC’s (a sub-label of Figure) alphabetised EP series. Having started off the series with the release of ‘SPC A’ in 2009 and then a further six letter EPs including two collaborations with Dimi Angelis and Markus Suckut, ‘SPC Z’ had no choice but to be completed by Search to complete the label’s full circle prophecy.

Released as a double EP, ‘SPC Z’ is a hallmark of raw, throbbing talent and a glistening tirade of future classics. Peeling back the layers and giving us a greater insight into the complex inner workings of the last in the SPC series, Search dropped by to give us a rundown of the top ten tracks which influenced the making of ‘SPC Z.’

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Johnny Cash - Hurt | American Recordings

Such emotions in this version of hurt, I always try to capture some emotions in my music as well.

Tindersticks - Rented Rooms | This Way Up

If want to listen to other music besides electronic music I prefer bands like Tindersticks, laidback and a little sad is best for me.

Kenny Larkin - Loop2 (Luke Slater Remix) | R&S

One of my all-time favourites, just such a good remix. Every time I play it it gives me shivers.

Monobox - Realm 2 | Logistic Records

Minimal music at its best.

Jeroen Search - Butterfly Heaven | Search

Still a special one for me, it was made in a somewhat darker period of my life and when I hear it I automatically find myself in that state of mind again.. crazy how it works that way.

Dark Comedy - Inaroom | Elypsia

Another one of my all-time favourites.

Jeff Mills - Gamma Player | S3

Just a great track, as it always gets me in the mood for producing music.

Portishead - Roads | Go! Beat

Brilliant, especially this live in Roseland NY version, again a little sad.

Air- All I Need | Source

Special track for my wife and me.

Round Three - Acting Crazy | Main Street Records

Laidback and relaxed music, perfect combination.

Check out Jeroen performing live at this years Dockyard Festival: