BE-AT.TV Presents: Exercise One
Recorded1 Hour 36 Minutes 3 Seconds
IPSE · 14 Jul 2016
Berlin, Germany

Exercise One

The techno scene is full of people who take themselves very seriously; their music, their perception and their image. The Exercise One duo stand out against this po faced uniformity for their warmth and mischievous manner, with a DIY and DGaF attitude running through their music and electric live performances. This close duo have spent the past 10 years recording and performing live, collaborating, remixing and running two independent labels all their own way. Perhaps it's Marco's early years spent absorbed in goth culture & IDM music that makes him view techno as a vibrant and playful genre, as much as Ingo's double life as the drummer of a Berlin punk band fuels their old school Kreuzberg DIY vibe. What is clear is that they both love what they do and that comes across in every infectious performance and their exuberant records. In their own words they are "driving a car called Techno off a cliff, into the sea of endless possibilities".