It’s probably fair to say that when Chibuku began many years ago in the intimate confines of the legendary Lemon Lounge, no one could have foreseen how the club would evolve to the present. Starting with Will’s distant travels to beautiful Malawi from where the CSS name came, to the raucous raves which set in motion an incredible journey creating some of the most memorable parties in memory, Chibuku Shake Shake has achieved an iconic status in the annals of electronic music – and the story isn’t over yet. What started as an antidote to the sprawling, impersonal and derivative nature of super clubbing which slowly dies in the late 90s, Chibuku’s rapid rise saw it break the bar takings record at the beloved LL month after month, creating something of a sensation in Liverpool. It came out of nowhere really, inspired by friends who hired a dilapidated room above a pub and with £40 invested by Will Jameson and Damo Jones, through to teaming up with Charlene McDaid and later Rich McGinnis, C