Get Physical 15 Years
Recorded1 Hour 6 Minutes 23 Seconds


Audiofly are a DJ/producer duo, Luca Saporito and Anthony Middleton. They met and started working together in the spring of 2002 and immediately started a prolific partnership based on their shared music styles and experiences on the DJ circuit. Their combined talents have created a powerful, experimental and original style of music,(a deadly, dirty, jackin, tech meets electronic House) which is very current on the underground club scene. Alongside their Audiofly moniker the boys have started a new project entitled Audiofly X which covers the deeper and more minimal spectrum of house music. Their first Ep called Stolen Goods was signed to SAW recordings and features on the Satoshis 3D comp. The next one out will be released on Moodmusic at the beginning of November .The next X release after that, the 4Play EP will be out on Get Physical later this year. COLLABORATIONS Collaborations are a way of bringing out different aspects of our musical tastes, through working with others we are in