DJ Mag presents SOS
Recorded2 Hours 19 Minutes 4 Seconds


SexOnSubstance, the collective: in its present format, a dynamic duo with Omid ‘16B’ Nourizadeh and Demi Hajigeorgiou. High priests of the invisible, poets of the physical and damned good guys, who have been putting the extra in extraordinary since they connected in 2004. Friends drawing inspiration from their rich musical heritage, and direction from their beloved Deeper Substance and Sexonwax music labels, SOS was born of a desire to create synergy. With a common goal to move people, the innovative duo exist in an exciting digital era when live remixing, personal edits and inimitable shows all allow for differentiation – and this is where the dazzling SOS trailblazers shine with their icy-hot approach to djing in the 21st century! Quick to nurture this intoxicating synthesis, SOS was christened and an enthusiastic crowd who assembled at Neighbourhood nightclub in London were amongst the first to experience an SOS experience during the Easter weekend of 2004.