Kappa FuturFestival 2018: Main Stage - Day 2
Recorded2 Hours 58 Minutes 31 Seconds


Born in a small village in the heart of St Croix, Luciano aka Lucien-N-Luciano spends his first years in Switzerland, which he departs in the summer of 1988 to follow his mothers' roots to Santiago, Chile. Not only the distance in miles, but the distance in music cultures between these two continents intrigues and seduces the twelve year old and soon he starts to play what was going to be his very first instrument and a critical influence in his muiscal career - the spanish Guitar. Luciano used the guitar as a tool to learn the fundamentals of melody and rhythm, his self learnt skills were practiced in local bands. Surrounded by latin rhythms and rich melodies, he develops a strong curiosity for a diversity of music styles and soon after, in one of his trips back to Europe, experiences the machine sounds of techno as it made waves across Europe during the early years of rave culture and acid house movement. Soon enough, he began to fusion both worlds thousands of miles apart and incorp