BPM 2016: Bedrock
Recorded1 Hour 31 Minutes 35 Seconds

Leo Leal

If you stay still, your most likely to be left behind. This is not the case for Unike Muzik label boss Leo Leal. Captivated by the creative versatility that electronic music offered to express himself, he began his music career at the age of 16. Raised Mexico, musical discipline came along when Leal started to play the piano at age 10. This developed his creative process to experiment with sounds and progressed a magical interest in making music. The moment he spun his first track after buying his turntables at age 15, Leo’s approach to music and life changed. His passion and ambition launched him at festivals and clubs all over Mexico. Shaping his spectrum as an artist it landed him gigs in London , New York, Detroit, Los Angeles,Uruguay,Japan,Philippines,Costa Rica and the list goes on. He managed to turn his passion into a career and soon after started to explore his own musical creativity producing tracks for labels such as Musik Gewinnt Freunde Kollektiv Turmstrasse Label , Dieb A


BPM 2016: Bedrock
1 Hour 31 Minutes