NEOPOP Festival 2018: Day 3 (Neo Stage)
Recorded53 Minutes 15 Seconds


Cardia is just not another DJ. Is a music lover and most of all a producer.Very early that Music was his great passion and he decided to chased his dream , the dream was so big that he moved to New York for 4 years , then a year in Madrid where he was studying sound engineering one of the most prestigious schools worldwide ( SAE Institute) . In 2011 , launches its first song in a compilation edited by Dj Yellow alongside names such as Alex Arnout , James Teej , Gwen Maze , San Soda , etc ... He returned to Portugal and since then focuses solely and exclusively in internationalizing his music , characterized by a deep sound , with techno influences and experimental melodies. Strong music personality, when you experience Cardia you will know and understand that this young man has a talent and will be talked about. Listen Cardia is a unique experience, a journey through deep techno and experimental melodies. In 2012 launches 2 songs by publisher Techsoul Records. And later this year he re