UPON.YOU Showcase
Recorded1 Hour 1 Minute 23 Seconds
IPSE · 04 Aug 2016
Berlin, Germany

Martin Landsky

Martin Landsky is mobilee’s longest-serving newcomer, bringing more than a decade of musicianship to his burgeoning partnership with the Berlin label.Landsky’s extensive discography reads like a chronological guide through electronic music’s hottest sounds, and through Germany’s most vital labels; from deeply chilled dub house for his own Efforil/Intim imprint, through sampladelic disco-influenced sounds for Dessous, to his long association with Poker Flat that journeyed with him through electro experiments, driving techno, and flirtations with minimal. Whether uplifting and anthemic, dark and contemplative, or somewhere in between, Landsky’s unwillingness to be pigeonholed has taken him to the uppermost echelons of Berlin’s club scene, and higher still to a new association with mobilee records, which will see a solo release in 2011.


UPON.YOU Showcase
1 Hour 1 Minute
Mobilee Records
41 Minutes