Space Closing Fiesta 2016: Discoteca
Recorded29 Minutes 47 Seconds
Space Ibiza · 02 Oct 2016
Ibiza, Spain

James Zabiela

Knowing what a great track should sound like - and the place it can be taken by warping and twisting it - is James Zabiela's forte. Layering different sounds with the aid of two Pioneer CDJ-1000s, a Pioneer EFX-1000, Korg Kaossilator, MIDI controller and a laptop, his hands and ears don't let up for a second, leaving any punters feet a-moving and mouth a-gap. Zabiela’s demands for such a kit wherever he spins is a reminder that he's one of the scant few DJs who's pushing things forward in ‘09. James' style is trippy, bleepy and deeply - nay, downright - groovy. Oh, and watch out for a few gnarly basslines along the way, those nasty, dirty sounds are a part of JZ's signature now. Scratches, loops, and fluttering chord changes are all par for the course in a Zabiela set.