Nick Curly Presents Trust - Open Air Party
Recorded2 Hours 11 Minutes 56 Seconds

Bill Patrick

In America, specifically NYC, Bill Patrick is a man of many accolades... Since his days as a DJ in legendary clubs such as The Limelight, Vinyl & Arc, he has charmed our hearts and moved our bodies. Not to mention being co-founder of the famed Robots parties and amusing us weekly as Robot Radio's alluring and witty host. Within the world of electronic music everyone has a tale about our friend Bill Patrick. Some funny, some sad, some tragic, most shady, but at the end of each story or any encounter with this demi god your left wanting more.


BPM 2015: Rumors
2 Hours 24 Minutes
Supplemental Facts
1 Hour 30 Minutes
It's A Fucking Pool Party
1 Hour 12 Minutes