Secret Solstice 2017: Day 4 - SCI+TEC
Recorded1 Hour 36 Minutes 24 Seconds


"It is the human element interacting with organic environments. Playing with words while playing with minds is on my mind when I create my jams .My concept is all I really care about. Music is so sick, but without an idea, a concept holding it all together, the artist leaves his art-form behind. I love bass, I love funk, and I love surf-punk shit. SHDWPLAY was just the beginning for me, an outlet of ideas from my rock days turned electronica. Moving forward I want SHADED to be the continuation of the SHDWPLAY sound, but with a funky ass twist… SHADED will represent my past, and encapsulate the feelings that created all the jams thus far, but at the same time, it will be my outlet to completely express my creative process…"