Altn8 Festival 2017 - Spiga
Recorded2 Hours 4 Minutes 15 Seconds
Spiga · 16 Mar 2017
Central, Hong Kong

Wendy Wenn

One of the top DJ names in Hong Kong, male or female, Wendy Wenn brings the party and great vibe to any event. Small in stature but carries a wallop of sound, DJ Wendy Wenn continues to add her signature crispy tech-y sets to the ever growing underground in the city. She is both DJ crew and co-founder of the upfront club brands such as FoxTrot, a female line-up that bang out fine techno/house choons. She’s also the ‘small’ in the cheeky titled Small & Tall club nights. From gritty underground clubs like Bassment to the high-end member spot Kee Club and everything else in-between, Wendy Wenn always brings her love of music to the show and keeps punters dancing and partying all night long.